Will Manchester’s Misery Matter?

Once again Islamic terror has struck in Europe, this time slaughtering 22 innocent youngsters, injuring more than 50 others.

Once again people are wringing their hands, crying, wailing in misery. Their pain is genuine, their tears bitter.

Once again their short memories will twist the dialog into the “Arab – good; Israel – bad” philosophy that has turned their own countries into the same kind of war zones, as in Israel.941346_10151358054216621_310053516_n

Will nothing change? Will the ingrained European bias against Israel and the Jewish people continue? Will Europeans go on supporting (or ignoring) Islamic terror in the Middle East “because it’s only directed at Israel, so we don’t care”?

It seems so.

The United Nations, and in particular UNESCO and UNRWA, suck huge sums of money (your tax dollars!) into their bloated bureaucracy, doing harm to Gaza, doing harm to Israel, and wasting your money. Will Europeans go on supporting those organizations blindly?

It seems so.

How many more European cities must be bombed; how many more innocent lives lost; how much physical and psychological damage done, before they wake up and smell the coffee?

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More Trouble at the Airport

If you hated flying lately because of the lines, the hassles, the security checks, removing your shoes, losing your belongings, more lines, the questions … there’s more.

Severe restrictions now, so far in Britain and the USA, on traveling with your laptop or iPad – or anything larger than a cellphone.

Once again, thanks to worldwide Islamic terror, air travel has become even more hateful.

Oh – so you supported Islamic terror against Israel? Then you can’t really complain, can you. Just stand in line and wait. You brought it upon yourself.

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Just be aware of the costs …

Not only monetary costs, but your time, convenience and the predictable results.

We’re referring to mostly good-hearted people who openly support “Palestinian rights”, “Arab rights”, Muslim rights” and the rights of immigrants (be they legal, illegal, political, financial, religious, etc. etc.). Human rights and the inalienable right to life and fulfillment are wonderful sentiments. In a perfect world, even in a near-perfect world, that must be our aim.

Unfortunately, our world is far, far from perfect. Part of the problem is that ordinary folks (like you, and you, and you) are often misled by false advertising, fake news, misleading or PhotoShopped pictures, re-written history  and other diversions. The major failure leading up to 2017 has been people’s inability to understand and differentiate between anti-Israel and anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism is alive and well and has been around for 2000 years, ever since the papacy declared – erroneously as history has proved – that “the Jews” killed Christ. Unfortunately, the United Nations, under whose direct support Israel was established in 1948, has done much harm in this regard too.

The new-age anti-Israel is a false flag to throw you off balance; it is nothing more than the tired old vile anti-Semitism, cloaked as the need to support “Palestinian” rights. (Note: never, in all of history, has there ever been a Palestinian nation, state, country, race, language, religion, culture or whatever. The “Palestinian”  people and ethnicity were created after Israel’s establishment, as a red herring to divert people’s attention from attempts to destroy Israel.)

You can choose anti-Semitism and thus support Islamic terror – it’s your right (or wrong?) to do so. But know the cost. This week for example, the municipality of Paris announced an investment of 20,000,000 euro (yes, 20 million euro) to build a security wall around the Eiffel Tower. This, thanks to the wave of terror that shattered France over the past months. What an eyesore! What a waste! Imagine if that money could go to improving Parisian infrastructure, or adding more gardens, or making the airport more accessible.

Ah, airports. Remember when you could arrive at the airport 10 minutes before flight time, go directly to the gate and check in there and board the plane? Thanks to world-wide Islamic terror, most world airports now want you there at least three hours before your flight. Be ready to stand on line, to be questioned, to have your luggage examined, to take your shoes, belt, jacket and jewelry off, to stand in more lines and have your camera, lap-top and iphone examined, etc. etc.

Those are just some of the legacies of Islamic terror. Yes, you can choose, but be aware of the costs.


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The Tragedy called Gaza

In the weekend magazine of “Ha’aretz” today (Hebrew edition) there is a heart breaking interview with Salach Haj Yehye (I hope I have not mangled the transliteration of his name), the manager of the mobile clinic operated by Physicians for Human Rights.

In no uncertain terms he describes the tragedy that is Gaza (with emphasis on the lack of medical treatment for the Gazans). But the entire situation, as described, is horrendous. Poverty, unemployment, lack of clean water, electricity shortages and outages, death, destruction, misery. A cesspit of humanity, a tragedy beyond comprehension.

Dr. Yehye carefully and skillfully skirts political issues. There is no direct mention of the Arab-Israel conflict (the elephant in the room); or that the borders with Israel AND Egypt are sealed; that UNRWA has blatantly sided with Hamas (the ruling political entity); that as soon as Israel withdrew from Gaza 10 years ago, Hamas bombarded (and still bombards) Israeli civilians with rockets & bombs; that funds donated by international NGOs and foreign governments for citizen welfare, are regularly diverted to Hamas for military buildup to attack Israel; that terrorist activities and incitement against Israel are applauded and approved; and more of the same.

None of this diminishes the suffering of the people, most of whom, according to Yehye, only want to get on with their lives, to work, to support their families and to live normally.

Can placing the blame improve matters? Not on the ground, not at this time. But perhaps, if decision makers at the UN and members of the Security Council were made aware of this tragedy – brought about by the cruel misguided Arab leadership and biased world opinion – maybe local Gaza hospitals would be able to provide the medical services that all people deserve, including the citizens of Gaza.

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Karma – I never Understood it Before

According to media reports (on the 2nd January 2017), Turkey suffered no less than 15 terrorist attacks in 2015, with no less than 415 dead and dozens more wounded. (Figures for 2016 were not reported).

Turkey – the country that applauded terror in Israel in previous years, and was the initiator of the terror flotilla raid to Gaza on the ‘Mavi Marmara’ in 2010.

Venezuela, the South American country that is expiring as a result of gross mismanagement and racist anti-Israel policies, cut diplomatic ties to Israel some years ago and was at the forefront of the sick anti-Israel UN resolution last week. The country’s people are suffering terribly. They voted for the foolish biased anti-Israel leadership. One has to feel for them – innocent as they were of the vile injustices the government sponsored. Nevertheless ….

The wheel turns. The haters suffer. I cannot rejoice in their suffering and I don’t believe in ‘karma’.

Am I wrong?

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King Solomon’s Wisdom, 2016 Style

“Kill the baby. Cut it in two and give each woman one half”.

You remember the judgement: Two women came to King Solomon, each claiming to be the birth mother and seeking custody of a baby. 3000 years before DNA testing, the king found another solution. He told the two “mothers” he would split the baby into two equal parts and give each woman a share.

One woman agreed at once, while the other screamed in terror: “No! Please, give her the whole child, alive. I would rather the child lived, even with her”. King Solomon then awarded that woman custody, understanding that only the real mother would sacrifice her maternal instincts so that the child would live, while the imposter didn’t really care.

Israel is burning. Some fires were started through carelessness, but many, perhaps half, through arson by Arabs. Media reports vary; from 20 to 50 Arabs, some Israelis, some from the West Bank, have been arrested for arson, based on compelling evidence.

The Arab-Israel conflict – complicated as it is – is basically: To whom does this land belong? Who are the indigenous peoples? Those that don’t really care would burn it, destroy it, kill as much of it as possible. Much as the “mother” with the false claim to the baby. All that the arsonist Arabs want is that the real owners, the historical people of Israel, the Jewish descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of Sarah, Rachel and Leah – should not live here in peace.

There are 22 Arab countries in the Middle East and more than 50 Muslim countries and territories on the globe. There is no logical reason – except for religious malice, spite and hatred – for Islamists wanting the Jews out of their ancestral homeland.

Besides the hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage (houses, apartments, cars, infrastructure etc.), thousands of acres of natural forests and undergrowth have gone up in smoke. And thousands of creatures, great and small, were roasted alive. All this to the delight and joy of the arsonists and their supporters.

Are all Arabs Islamic terrorists? Are all Muslims arsonists? The answer to both is a resounding no. The majority of people are normal folks who live happily in Israel and want to get on with their lives. But why is that majority so crashingly silent?

The United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and many other countries are likely to continue supporting the “Palestinians” in their efforts to regain their homeland (read: to destroy Israel). Your tax money will go to those support efforts. Unless you speak up instead of also remaining silent.

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Is anyone still not convinced?

Is there any reasonable, thinking person still unsure that Islamic terror is the world’s problem and must be stopped NOW?

Reuters reports that ISIS – one of the major Islamic terror groups – has claimed responsibility for the slaughter on Saturday of at least 52 Muslims at a site in Pakistan, a site holy to Muslims of a “stream” of which ISIS does not approve. The Islamic terror solution is to kill and maim if others (whether they be Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or whatever) don’t pray to the same “god”, in the same manner, as they do.

We’ve said it before: Western nations (not to even mention the giant Muslim countries of this world) who ho-hummed at Islamic terror against Israel because “it’s only Israel” forgot that terror, like cancer, spreads if it is not checked. Western cities (London, Madrid, New York, Miami, Paris, Brussels, Tokyo – the list is long) have already experienced the terror. It’s going to get worse as long as the world supports Islam against modern 21st century civilization. As long as they ignore the threat of sharia law which is already breathing down their collective neck.

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