Ha’aretz newspaper’s yellow journalism

Ha’aretz is an Israeli newspaper, but it could well be funded by the worst anti-Israel racists.

Today, in the Hebrew print edition (and perhaps elsewhere too, if the article is translated), Amira Hass, known for her anti-Israel vitriol, by-lines a story with the headline (I’ve translated from the Hebrew): “The Supreme Court Orders Not to Destroy West Bank Houses; The Authorities Ignore [the courts]”. A shocking event if it were true. And yes, next to the headline is a compelling photograph of a bulldozer destroying a house. The photo-caption reads (translated): “The houses in the village of Dirat-Rafa’iya that were destroyed this week.”

It’s only when we read the article in full that we discover that the court order related to another village, and  was only delivered to the Military Authorities on the 5th November, and that, according to the Military spokesperson: ” …as soon as we discovered the facts, we stopped the project immediately. NOTHING WAS DESTROYED (emphasis added).

It appears that the houses the army wants to destroy were built (illegally? we don’t know) on an military shooting range! We also discover when reading the article, that two houses in another village were destroyed (hence the picture!) but there was no court order forbidding their destruction.

By craftily placing the picture (not related to the court orders) under the misleading headline (“misleading” is the mildest word I can find), Ha’aretz once again gives its readers fictitious news designed to denigrate Israel.

Readers, beware.


About jonathandanilowitz

I'm fed up with thinly-veiled pure racist anti-Semitism presented as anti-Israel 'valid' criticism. Hmmmmmm - why the obsession with democratic Israel? Never heard of N. Korea, Sudan, or Syria? I know, anti-Semites have this soft target - Israel, so why not? Often, "bleeding hearts" choose to attack Israel because its a safe and easy target. After all, who wants to end up in jail in Libya, China, Syria or Zimbabwe? I'm gay, pro civil rights, pro animal rights, pro sexual equality, pro freedom for all. Green issues are important. Atheist vegetarian.
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