Will Manchester’s Misery Matter?

Once again Islamic terror has struck in Europe, this time slaughtering 22 innocent youngsters, injuring more than 50 others.

Once again people are wringing their hands, crying, wailing in misery. Their pain is genuine, their tears bitter.

Once again their short memories will twist the dialog into the “Arab – good; Israel – bad” philosophy that has turned their own countries into the same kind of war zones, as in Israel.941346_10151358054216621_310053516_n

Will nothing change? Will the ingrained European bias against Israel and the Jewish people continue? Will Europeans go on supporting (or ignoring) Islamic terror in the Middle East “because it’s only directed at Israel, so we don’t care”?

It seems so.

The United Nations, and in particular UNESCO and UNRWA, suck huge sums of money (your tax dollars!) into their bloated bureaucracy, doing harm to Gaza, doing harm to Israel, and wasting your money. Will Europeans go on supporting those organizations blindly?

It seems so.

How many more European cities must be bombed; how many more innocent lives lost; how much physical and psychological damage done, before they wake up and smell the coffee?


About jonathandanilowitz

I'm fed up with thinly-veiled pure racist anti-Semitism presented as anti-Israel 'valid' criticism. Hmmmmmm - why the obsession with democratic Israel? Never heard of N. Korea, Sudan, or Syria? I know, anti-Semites have this soft target - Israel, so why not? Often, "bleeding hearts" choose to attack Israel because its a safe and easy target. After all, who wants to end up in jail in Libya, China, Syria or Zimbabwe? I'm gay, pro civil rights, pro animal rights, pro sexual equality, pro freedom for all. Green issues are important. Atheist vegetarian.
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One Response to Will Manchester’s Misery Matter?

  1. Sheila Shaw says:

    You are quite right, Jon
    From ,Auntie Makie

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